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Is it worth it? A new winter coat and shoes for the wife And a bicycle on the boy’s birthday. It’s just a rumour that was spread around town By the women and children, Soon we’ll be shipbuilding. Well, I … Continue reading

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To Cynthia, on concealment of her beauty

Do not conceal, nor yet eclipse Thy pearly teeth with coral lips; Lest that the seas cease to bring forth Gems, which from thee have all their worth. Sir Francis Kynaston, ‘To Cynthia, on concealment of her beauty’ (1642), sixth … Continue reading

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The nimble Diver with his side Cuts through the working waves, that he may fetch His dearly-earned pearl, which God did hide On purpose from the ventrous wretch; That he might save his life, and also hers, Who with excessive … Continue reading

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… we are dealing here with something which may not be unique but is certainly extremely rare: the gift of thinking poetically. And this thinking, fed by the present, works with the ‘thought fragments’ it can wrest from the past … Continue reading

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Let others trust the seas, dare death and hell, Search either Inde, vaunt of their scarres and wounds; Let others with their deare breath (nay silence) sell To fools, and (swoln, not rich) stretch out their bounds By spoiling those … Continue reading

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