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Pearl Diver

Your aim is to find the pearls hidden in the sea bed off the sun drenched beaches of a tropical island. This is free diving so first you must fill your lungs with oxygen before making your dive. Keep an … Continue reading

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He cast (of which we rather boast) The Gospels Pearl upon our Coast Andrew Marvell, ‘Bermudas’ (1681), extract

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The Forsaken Merman

… Come away, away children; Come children, come down! The hoarse wind blows codly, Lights shine in the town. She will start from her slumber When gusts shake the door; She will hear the winds howling, Will hear the waves … Continue reading

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Removed from Accident of Loss

Removed from Accident of Loss By Accident of Gain Befalling not my simple Days – Myself had just to earn – Of riches – as unconscious As is the Brown Malay Of Pearls in Eastern Waters, Marked His – What … Continue reading

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Who has robbed the ocean cave To tinge thy lips with coral hue? Who from India’s distant wave For thee those pearly treasures drew? Who from yonder orient sky Stole the morning of thine eye? Thousand charms, they form to … Continue reading

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To the Memory of a Shipwrecked Virgin

Whether thy well-shaped parts, now scattered far Asunder, into treasure parted are; Whether thy tresses, now to amber grown, Still cast a softer day where they are shown; Whether those eyes be diamonds now, or make The careful Goddess of … Continue reading

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