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More Ways Than One

Barkwell. You shan’t have her at all. Fifteen thousand pounds! – if I thought my Niece would ever think of thee as a Husband now, I’d put one half of her fortune into each pocket, drive to Dover, and leap … Continue reading

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The Legend of the Black Pearls

One day when Amry the diver had come to sell to the court jeweller the pearls for which he had sought under the golden waters of Bahrein, the lovely Anouba, wife of the Caliph, caused her palanquin to stop at … Continue reading

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Concerning the Great Province of Maabar, which is called India the Greater, and is on the Mainland

When you leave the Island of Seilan and sail westward about 60 miles, you come to the great province of MAABAR which is styled INDIA THE GREATER; it is best of all the Indies and is on the mainland. You … Continue reading

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The Genii

Malignant tyrants! with vindictive ire, The ocean heaving as your steps retire, You trace the bark along the yielding main, And smile, indignant – where your power was vain. Hence, like the lightning’s flash, you rapid sweep O’er the wild … Continue reading

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