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Reading Hegel

I had read fragments of Hegel’s philosophy, the grotesque craggy melody of which did not appeal to me. Once more I wanted to dive into the sea, but with the definite intention of establishing that the nature of the mind … Continue reading

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Pearl fisheries of the South Sea islands

The divers are of many nationalities, principally Japanese and Malays, and the former are said to be the most efficient. Previous to 1890, they were mostly whites, and were paid at the rate of £40 per ton of shells; but … Continue reading

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Boowa and his undersea maze

Doesn’t Diving For Pearls with Boowa look fun ? He looks cool diving for pearls wearing his snorkel. Boowa wants to make a lovely pearl necklace for Kwala. Will he find enough jewels or will Kwala have to settle for … Continue reading

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The Light of Asia

Lo! I lived In era of Resolve, desiring good, Searching for wisdom, but mine eyes were sealed. Count the grey seeds on yonder castor-clump – So many rains it is since I was Ram, A merchant of the coast which … Continue reading

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But to my task. Neptune, besides the sway Of every salt flood and each ebbing stream, Took in by lot, ’twixt high and nether Jove, Imperial rule of all the sea-girt isles That, like to rich and various gems, inlay … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Delivered

The islanders came then their prince before Whose lands Arabia’s gulf enclosed about, Wherein they fish and gather oysters store, Whose shells great pearls rich and round pour out; The Red Sea sent with them from his left shore, Of … Continue reading

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Diving for Pearls

Barbara: Anyway it’s all in the past. Put it all behind me. Would never have worked. Certainly not for me. There’s a bloody great world out there. I was just thinking about these ferry trips we used to get taken … Continue reading

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