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Diving for Pearls is now closed. No further entries will be added to it, but the quotations gathered will stay here, and can be browsed by author or category.

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A Song to David

Precious the bounteous widow’s mite; And precious, for extreme delight, The largesse from the churl: Precious the ruby’s blushing blaze, And alba’s blest imperial rays, And pure cerulean pearl. Precious the pentitential tear … Christopher Smart, ‘A Song to David’ … Continue reading

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Cheltenham & Gloucester

One of a series of Cheltenham & Gloucester advertisements from the 1990s/200s, featuring a boy pearl diver. The series was initiated in 1995, filmed by underwater camera specialist Mike Portelly.

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The Man and the Flea

Whether on earth, in air, or main, Sure ev’ry thing alive is vain! Does not the hawk all fowls survey, As destin’d only for his prey? And do not tyrants, prouder things, Think men were born for slaves to kings? … Continue reading

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The Marble Faun

To gratify him, Miriam looked round at the specimens in marble or plaster, of which there were several in the room, comprising originals or casts of most of the designs that Kenyon had thus far produced. He was still too … Continue reading

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Don Juan

An infant when it gazes on a light, A child the moment when it drains the breast, A devotee when soars the Host in sight, An Arab with a stranger for a guest, A sailor when the prize has struck … Continue reading

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Ocean of Forms

I dive down into the depth of the ocean of forms, hoping to gain the perfect pearl of the formless. No more sailing from harbor to harbor with this my weather-beaten boat. The days are long passed when my sport … Continue reading

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On Flaubert

Far and strange are the refuges in which such an imagination seeks oblivion of the immediate and the ugly. His life was that of a pearl-diver, breathless in the thick element while he groped for the priceless word, and condemned … Continue reading

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More Ways Than One

Barkwell. You shan’t have her at all. Fifteen thousand pounds! – if I thought my Niece would ever think of thee as a Husband now, I’d put one half of her fortune into each pocket, drive to Dover, and leap … Continue reading

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The Legend of the Black Pearls

One day when Amry the diver had come to sell to the court jeweller the pearls for which he had sought under the golden waters of Bahrein, the lovely Anouba, wife of the Caliph, caused her palanquin to stop at … Continue reading

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